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ByAishwarya M Dekhane
Translates code between programming languages.
GPT welcome message: Hi! I can help translate code between different programming languages. What do you need?
Sample prompts:
Translate this Python code to Java
How would this JavaScript function look in C++?
Convert this Ruby script to PHP
Show me this SQL query in Python syntax
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Code Converter is a GPT developed to translate code between different programming languages. Aimed at offering precise conversions with high levels of accuracy and efficiency, it is a tool suitable for developers, programmers, and general code enthusiasts across different levels of expertise.

The primary functionality of this GPT revolves around taking a piece of code in one programming language and converting or translating it into another programming language.

The GPT's adaptable capabilities allow for code conversions between numerous languages, for instance, Python to Java, JavaScript to C++, Ruby to PHP, or SQL to Python.

However, apart from simple code translations, Code Converter can also offer interpretations of how certain functions or scripts would look like in different programming languages, therefore serving as not just a translation tool, but as a comparative learning medium as well.

While it requires ChatGPT Plus for usage, it exemplifies the versatility of GPTs in catering to the niche-specific tasks such as code translation.


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