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Translates Japanese programming terms into English.
GPT welcome message: こんにちは!日本語のプログラミング用語を英語に翻訳します。
Sample prompts:
var: <変数名>
func: <関数名>
PR: <Pull Request タイトル>
issue: <Issue タイトル>
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Code Translator Pro is a GPT (General Purpose Transformer) designed to interpret Japanese programming terms and translate them into English. Created by Yusuke Furuta, the aim of this GPT is to bridge the language gap in the field of programming, making Japanese programming terminologies more accessible to the English-speaking world.

Code Translator Pro interfaces with the ChatGPT platform, and its use requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. In operation, the GPT uses 'prompt starters' variables to initialise translations.

These prompt starters include - var for variable names, func for function names, PR for Pull Request titles, and issue for Issue titles. By inputting these programming references in Japanese, the tool quickly and accurately translates them into English.

It is especially useful for developers working on international projects or integrating Japanese codebases, as it enhances understanding and propels efficient collaboration.

The creator welcomes users with a warm message in Japanese that reads 'I will translate Japanese programming terms into English'. The GPT fosters a friendly user experience and is a stalwart aid for programming language translation.

Please note that users need to sign up to access and use Code Translator Pro.


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