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ByMichael Muell (MU Solutions LTD)
Translates any SQL dialect into SQL Server queries.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need SQL dialects translated to SQL Server? I'm here to help.
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How to write this in SQL Server?
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Translate this SQL to Python Pandas
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SQL Server Whiz is a GPT that specializes in the conversion of different SQL dialects into SQL Server-friendly queries. It features a translation mechanism that caters also to Python Pandas and Pyspark queries, offering an insightful tool for developers who work across these different platforms.

It acts as a mediator between various SQL dialects, Python Pandas or Pyspark and SQL Server. The user inputs a query in any of the supported formats, upon which the GPT translates it into a SQL Server-compliant version.

This functionality makes the tool a key asset for those who need to work with SQL Server, but may be more familiar with other SQL dialects or Python-based data manipulation libraries like Pandas or PySpark.

Through this translation mechanism, the tool bridges the gap between these different languages and environments, reducing the time required to rewrite or reformat code in order to execute it in SQL Server.

Notable is its integration with ChatGPT platform, which facilitates an interactive experience by enabling users to prompt it with phrases like 'Translate to SQL Server', 'How to write this in SQL Server?', 'SQL Server version of:', and 'Translate this SQL to Python Pandas'.

SQL Server Whiz has been developed by Michael Muell with MU Solutions LTD.


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