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Bymeiko patton
Crafting crucial emails to hook your readers.
GPT welcome message: Ready to write essential onboarding emails? Let's begin with your welcome message.
Sample prompts:
Let's start with your welcome email. What's your newsletter's tone?
How do you want to present your value proposition?
What will engage your readers in the third email?
How will you build trust in your fourth email?
What call-to-action will you include in your final onboarding email?
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Newsletter Copywriting Genius is a GPT designed to offer guidance for users in creating the top five essential emails for optimizing reader engagement.

This tool serves as an interactive medium for crafting onboarding emails, aiming to provoke deep engagement from readers and establish an ongoing relationship between the newsletter sender and the recipient from the outset.

To personalize the user experience, it allows users to specify their newsletter's tone and how they want to articulate their value proposition. Through a series of on-point questions, this GPT helps users strategize what dialogue could attract their readers in the third email, how to build trust in the fourth one, and what kind of call-to-action to include in the final onboarding email.

It is particularly instrumental for users who need assistance in newsletter copywriting, whether beginners or experienced marketers. Newsletter Copywriting Genius requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating that users may need a subscription to access the functionalities offered by this AI tool.

By providing a platform conducive to learning and execution of readers engaging emails, the Newsletter Copywriting Genius GPT offer users helpful insights and practical templates for drafting compelling emails.


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Newsletter Copywriting Genius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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