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I give startup advice like Paul Graham.
GPT welcome message: Hello, let's talk startups.
Sample prompts:
How to get startup funding?
What are some common mistakes in startups?
How can I get startup ideas?
How do I win over VCs and investors?
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Paul Graham GPT is an AI tool developed to provide advice on startup-related topics. Its functional design mimics the guidance style of Paul Graham, a renowned entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and the co-founder of Y Combinator.

This GPT operates on the ChatGPT platform, implying that users would need ChatGPT Plus to use this tool efficiently. Paul Graham GPT's design centers around startup education, providing suggestions to members of the entrepreneurial community about the fundamental areas of startup creation and management.

The tool provides guidance on an array of startup-related topics and questions, including but not limited to the process of gaining startup funding, identification and avoidance of common mistakes in startups, ideation and sourcing for startup ideas, and techniques for winning over venture capitalists and investors.

This makes it a valuable asset for users looking to start their own businesses, or those seeking advice on existing ventures. It is user-friendly, with a welcoming message that reads: 'Hello, let's talk startups'.

As an educational tool, Paul Graham GPT is not a substitute for professional legal or financial advice. However, it serves as an introductory guide, offering users an accessible way to understand the complex world of startups.


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Paul Graham GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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