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ByEric Ma
I assist with finding businesses on Yellowpages.
GPT welcome message: Hello! How can I assist you with Yellowpages today?
Sample prompts:
Find plumbers in 10012 that are open right now.
Give me all the phone numbers of restaurants in NYC
List pet stores in Los Angeles that have good reviews
I need a injury lawyer that is 24/7.
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The Yellowpages Navigator is a GPT that provides users with the ability to search businesses on Yellowpages efficiently. This tool is designed to offer factual and updated information, enhancing the ease of business lookup.

As a GPT, Yellowpages Navigator interacts with users to understand their specific needs and delivers tailored results. The tool can assist users in finding businesses of all types across a wide array of locations.

It can handle requests like identifying open businesses in a given location, retrieving phone numbers of certain types of businesses, listing down well-reviewed pet stores in a city, or finding a specific service available around the clock such as injury lawyers.

Please note that the Yellowpages Navigator needs ChatGPT Plus to function. This tool implements a friendly and intuitive interface with prompt starters that ease the searching process.

It welcomes users by asking how they can be assisted with Yellowpages tasks for the day, indicating an easy-to-use, helpful, and user-oriented interface.


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