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Elevate your content with AI-generated YouTube shorts, TikToks and reels.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-based tool designed to assist content creators by transforming their long-form YouTube videos into short clips that can drive increased views and subscribers.

The AI technology extracts the most engaging parts of the videos, allowing creators to repurpose their content efficiently and productively. Key features include facial tracking to keep active speakers at the center of screen, one-click animated subtitles to boost engagement, and high-resolution exports without watermarks.

It also offers versatile aspect ratios, advanced editing tools, and the ability to include brand-specific logos and overlays. supports videos containing spoken words, making it an effective tool for various types of content like podcasts, educational videos, commentaries, product reviews, motivational speeches, among others.

The tool supports multiple languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, and Russian, with plans to expand to more.

Regardless of the pricing plan, all users have full access to these features. Plans vary in terms of AI video analyzing hours, catering to different content creation needs. offers an easy-to-use interface where creators only need to paste their YouTube video link to begin the repurposing process.


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Jan 21, 2024
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Oct 22, 2023
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Oct 3, 2023
There is one more cost effective tool I use It has the best auto cropping feature, saves lot of time framing the video.
Jul 24, 2023

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Pros and Cons


Automatic best moments extraction
Built for content repurposing
Efficient video editing
Generates short clips
Platform for video sharing
Subscriber base growth support
Facial tracking feature
One-click animated subtitles
High-resolution exports without watermarks
Versatile aspect ratios
Advanced editing tools
Brand-specific logos and overlays support
Supports spoken words videos
Multiple language support
Different plans for different needs
YouTubs video link paste functionality
Podcasts, reviews, commentaries support
Educational and motivational speeches support
Dutch, English, French support
German, Indonesian, Italian support
Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese support
Turkish, Russian language support
Continuous feature update
Full feature access irrespective of plan
Easy-to-use interface
Unlimited high-quality exports
Vertical, square, horizontal aspect ratios
Brand presets for unique videos
Convenient and minimal effort usage
Ad-free for 'Lite' users
Unlimited fast server-side exports for 'Pro'
Priority support and beta features for 'Premium'
YouTube auto-captions compatibility


Limited language support
Requires video captions
Limited free version
Only for long-form content
Focused on YouTube videos
Analyzing hours restrictions
No audio editing tool
No offline usage
Face tracking limitations
Limited customization options


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Does have a mobile app?
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How does use facial tracking in videos?
Does support animated subtitles?
What is the quality of exports from
How can I incorporate my logo or overlays using
Which languages does support?
What are the different pricing plans offered by
What are the AI video analyzing hours in each pricing plan?
How do I start using
Are there any watermarks on the videos exported from
Can I use for podcasts and educational videos?
Does offer advanced editing tools?
What kind of aspect ratios does support?

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