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AI BlogWiz is a comprehensive tool intended to aid in the creation of blog content through the use of AI technologies. It is designed to generate blog content efficiently, offering features that encompass the whole content creation process.

These features include an AI Blog Wizard and a Full Blog Generator for producing blog drafts and full-length articles. The platfrom also offers tools for creating AI-generated images to complement the written content.

To assist with optimizing blog content for search engines, AI BlogWiz provides AI SEO tools to generate SEO keywords designed to increase blog traffic.

Additionally, users can refine their content with the AI Article Editor and enhance their articles using custom templates and the AI editor. AI BlogWiz also facilitates user interaction through its AI Trained Chat feature.

Furthermore, to boost the visual appeal of blog content, users can generate images using Dall-e from OpenAI. It is also equipped with AI Promotion Tools for creating social media promotional content, and trained chatbots specifically designed for content and article writing.

AI BlogWiz positions itself as a comprehensive resource for blog content creation, enhancement, and promotion.


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Jul 13, 2024
Same issue...The sign up/login process doesn't work...
Jul 12, 2024
Signed up and it won't let me log-in. Seems to me you'd have things running 100% before going public.

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Pros and Cons


Full Blog Generator
Custom templates availability
Chatbots for content writing
Blog drafting
Content creation
Content enhancement
Content promotion
Reduced blog writing time
SEO-optimized articles
Boosted traffic and ranking
Various subscription plans
Generates article images
Speech to text functionalities
Integrated templates
Live support
Blog section drafting
SEO meta description generation
Content strategy matrix creation
Blog post extender and improver
Blog format provider
Instant traffic generation
Maximizes SEO traffic
Promotes articles on multiple platforms
User testimonials and feedbacks
Helps in driving traffic
Helps in search engine ranking
Targets specific audience
Social-media promotional tools
Insta chat prompts
Instant Article Images generator
Provides quality blog content
User-friendly interface
Extensive blog content templates
Customized content strategies
Integrated SEO tools
Generates viral content
Offers free and premium plans


Limited free version features
Potentially impersonal content
No information on language support
Lack of potential customization
Effective usage requires SEO knowledge
Limits on monthly usage
Unclear update schedule
Pricey for additional features
Complexity may deter beginners


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What kind of subscription plans does AI BlogWiz offer?

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