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BackstoryAI helps you create characters.
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BackstoryAI is a tool that utilizes cutting-edge generative AI technology to assist users in creating characters complete with engaging biographies and stories. It allows users to add as much or as little detail as they'd like in order to quickly generate biographies with a unique photo. Additionally, users can build up their characters by generating key stories from brief prompts and enhance their creativity with a prompt-shuffle feature. The tool also enables easy sharing of characters and their stories with others.

BackstoryAI caters to a variety of use cases including authors who can use it to envision and craft rich stories about their characters. Product managers can also benefit from the tool by utilizing it to create user personas for their products. Therapists can use BackstoryAI to role-play more realistically with their patients, while screenwriters can leverage it to create more authentic characters for movies and TV shows. Game developers can also benefit from the tool in creating more realistic characters for their games. Additionally, parents can utilize BackstoryAI to quickly create bedtime stories featuring their child's favorite make-believe friend.

Currently in beta, users can sign up for free and start using BackstoryAI to bring their characters to life. The tool is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals from various creative disciplines.

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Jun 4, 2024
It would be useful, however the Server has had an error code 500 for over two months and nobody seems to be tending to it.
Jun 4, 2024
Thanks so much for the feedback. Can you share what you were doing when it errored?
Jun 5, 2024
I just pressed the Generate Submit Button. I notice that 2 molths ago, someone else experienced the same 500 error code, but didn't get a reply to their comment.
Jun 5, 2024
Got it - sorry to hear that you had problems using the app. I had fixed the error that was reported back then. Let me know if you are still seeing any issue.
Jun 5, 2024
Same 500 error code.

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