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Create AI characters easily, no drawing skills needed.
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The AI Character Generator by Boords is an intelligent tool capable of creating unique and consistent characters for users who may lack the necessary drawing skills.

This tool allows for the rapid configuration and customization of characters, all available through a user-friendly interface. Users can easily control the appearances of their characters including facial features and attire, ensuring every character fits the required scenario perfectly.

The tool additionally offers an effortless means to alter a character's appearance between scenes. The AI Character Generator also provides a platform to place characters into various AI-generated storyboard scenes.

This functionality bolsters the generation of compelling narratives, makes changes as required, and expedites the expected approval process. Alongside this, the tool permits the creation of simple image sequences where small adjustments can generate multiple frames featuring the same character.

Geared towards professionals, this tool is trusted by leading video teams globally, and it streamlines their pre-production process, significantly enhancing the workflow and creative focus.


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May 18, 2024
Well polished storyboard tool with excellent graphic insert options.
May 10, 2024
"Free AI Character Generator" Cons: *No Free version 'Nuff said.

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Pros and Cons


Unique character generation
User-friendly interface
Detailed character customization
Alters character appearance seamlessly
Enhances narrative creation
Rapid configuration of characters
Expedites approval process
Creates simple image sequences
Facilitates creation of multiple frames
Streamlines pre-production
Enhances workflow and creative focus
No drawing skills required
More than 650,000 professionals trust
User-controlled character appearances
Easy character attire adjustments
Produces consistent characters
Allows small adjustment inputs
Builds compelling narratives
Customizable character descriptions
Flexibly changes character outfits
Changes facial expressions easily
Quickly generates several character frames
Assists rapid iteration changes
Supports real-time user feedback
Controls character's appearance refinement
Generates consistent characters
Enables creating seed images
Easy to use and intuitive
Facilitates collaborative work
Improves creative focus
Saves time
Efficient version tracking
Easy storyboard sharing with clients
Enables easy client feedback
Enables easy change implementation
Integrates reviewing notes function
Caters to professional video teams
Boosts productivity
Speeds up pre-production
Helps visualizing projects earlier
Supports all storyboard stages
Handles whole storyboard organization
Enhances storyboard flexibility
Improves communication with clients
Availability of a free plan


No free version
Possibly limited styles
Complex character creation
Potentially time-consuming customization
Limited outfit variations
Possibly limited scene variations
No mention of mobile support
No collaboration features advertised
Complex User Interface
Might require frequent manual updates


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Is Boords trusted by professionals in the field of media production?


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