Automatically generate unique personalized social media captions from images or videos.
Generated by ChatGPT

Capit is a digital tool designed to automatically generate photo captions for social media engagement. It is currently available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The app uses an image or video and allows users to select a tone to create personalized captions. Tones can be funny, inspirational, poetic, or casual.

Capit uses GPT4V by OpenAI to understand and interpret images and videos, generating relevant text on the fly. This tool allows users to save profiles, accessing favorite settings for multiple social accounts quickly and easily.

Users can also modify the captions by adding spacing, hours, or additional hashtags in the app's built-in copy editor. Features planned for future updates include more specific hashtag generation, direct caption editing within Capit, and saving favorite captions.

There are also plans for share sheet integration and an expansion to Android and web platforms.


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Capit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized captions
Multiple tone options
Applicable for photos and videos
Save profiles feature
Built-in copy editor
Can modify captions
Future hashtag generation
Direct caption editing
Saving favorite captions
Plans for share sheet integration
Cross-platform expansion plans
iOS compatible
Understands images and videos
Automatic caption generation
Unique content production
Specific character limit fitting
Finds underutilized hashtags
Integrates with photos app


Limited to iOS devices
No Android or Web version
Can only modify captions within app
Cannot edit captions directly in tool
Limited tone options
No specific hashtag generation
No share sheet integration
Cannot save favorite captions
No option to save profiles for multiple social accounts


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What is the purpose of the profile feature in Capit?
What enhancements can I expect in future updates of Capit?
Does Capit plan to provide Android and web versions?
Can I save my favorite captions in Capit?
How does Capit handle image and video processing?
Is there a built-in copy editor in Capit?
Can I add hours and hashtags to captions in Capit?
Does Capit help boost my posts through hashtag generation?
What is share sheet integration feature in Capit?
How does Capit fit with the content creator's needs?
Can I share generated captions directly from the Capit app?
Does Capit support auto generation of captions for videos?
Is there a character limit for the captions generated by Capit?

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