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Weather-based outfit suggestions for any occasion.
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Dressrious is an AI-powered outfit suggestion service that serves as your personal daily outfit assistant. It is designed for individuals who want to dress decently but do not want to spend time deciding what to wear each day.

With Dressrious, users can take a picture of their clothes or shoes and import them into the app, which will then automatically categorize them using advanced AI technology.One of the main features of Dressrious is its ability to provide easy-to-use daily outfit suggestions based on weather, occasion, and colors.

Users can swipe to view different outfit options and can request more suggestions if they are not satisfied. The service also offers rich customization features to make the suggestions more tailored to each user's needs.Furthermore, Dressrious includes a background removal feature that utilizes Ezaldeen99's packages, allowing users to remove the background from their clothing images.

The weather data used in the outfit recommendations is provided by Apple Weather, and the color feature is powered by Boris-Em's ColorKit.Dressrious aims to simplify the process of getting dressed each day by using AI technology to provide personalized outfit suggestions based on the user's wardrobe and the specific circumstances.

Whether it's the weather, a special occasion, or desired color coordination, Dressrious helps users effortlessly put together a stylish ensemble.


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Jul 18, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Weather-based outfit recommendations
Occasion-specific suggestions
Color coordination guidance
Personalized socket suggestions
Automatic clothing categorization
Photo upload of clothes
Background removal feature
Easy-to-use UI
Options to request more suggestions
Apples Weather data integration
Integration of Boris-Em's ColorKit
Rich customization features
User-friendly swiping interface
Personalized daily outfit assistant
Availability on App Store
Keeps users' wardrobe organized
Helps dress decently
Time-saving tool for dressing up
Fashion trend information
Blog for user engagement


Relies on user's photo quality
Weather data tied to Apple
Limited to specific color analysis
Background removal may be inaccurate
Requires extensive wardrobe input
Lack of multi-platform accessibility
Potential issues with occasion interpretation
Data privacy concerns
Limited customization
Output dependent on imported packages


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How does Dressrious implement Boris-Em's ColorKit in its features?
Can Dressrious help me choose what to wear each day?
What do I need to do to get outfit suggestions from Dressrious?
Does Dressrious need me to take pictures of my clothes?
How does Dressrious help if I struggle with choosing my clothes?
Is Dressrious suitable for people who don't want to spend time on dressing up?
Can Dressrious suggest different color coordinations for my outfit?
Does Dressrious allow for removal of the background from clothing images?
Does Dressrious have a blog where I can read more about the service?
Are there any fashion trends available on Dressrious' website?
What can I expect from Dressrious' outfit suggestions?
How can I download the Dressrious app?


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