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Customize fashion design styles.
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The Fashion Editing Tool is an AI-powered tool developed by NOTPINK, an online art studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This tool allows users to modify clothing and explore different fashion styles for their fashion brand.

By taking a picture of a person, users can use FashionAI to make alterations to the clothing in the image.With the help of AI-generated styles, this tool offers a seamless way to experiment and customize fashion items.

Users are provided with options to modify various clothing attributes such as colors, patterns, and embellishments. The tool specifically mentions styles like "shirt with flowers on it," "blue shirt with glitter," and "black shirt with polka dots" as examples.The beta version of FashionAI has already been tested by 10,000 users, and the feedback received during this testing phase has been crucial in shaping the tool's development.

Based on the learning from this beta phase, the creators are now launching more features for improved functionality.To engage with the FashionAI tool, interested users can join the waitlist for access to its capabilities.

Additionally, the creators actively encourage users to provide feedback and suggestions for further enhancements. The tool is developed by NOTPINK, an online art studio known for its expertise in creative endeavors.


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Pros and Cons


Modifies existing clothing images
Allows personal style explorations
Option to modify clothing attributes
Alter colors and patterns
Add or change embellishments
Has been user-tested
Active user feedback incorporation
Waitlist for access
Continuous feature updates
Created by recognized studio
Targeted for fashion brands
Can recognize individual items
Supports complex style modifications
Easy image upload
Uses real-world examples
Customizable fashion design styles


Requires joining a waitlist
Limited to specific styles
Only alters existing images
Beta version had issues
No stated API access
No offline usage
Lacks advanced editing features
Tool-specific learning curve
Dependent on user feedback
Doesn't support 3D models


What is FashionAI?
How exactly does FashionAI work?
What are the main features of FashionAI?
How can I use FashionAI to alter clothing styles?
Does FashionAI only work with shirts?
Are there limitations to the AI-generated styles FashionAI can create?
Can I customize the colors and patterns in FashionAI?
Is the tool FashionAI easy to use?
How was the beta version of FashionAI received by users?
What changes were made in FashionAI after the beta phase?
How can I join the waitlist for FashionAI?
How can I give feedback or suggestions for FashionAI?
What is the creative team behind FashionAI?
Can I use FashionAI to explore styles for my own fashion brand?
What are some examples of style changes made using FashionAI?
Does FashionAI offer any tutorial or guide for new users?
Is there a limit to how many clothing items I can edit with FashionAI?
Are there plans to add more features to FashionAI?
Who can use FashionAI?
Where is FashionAI developed?


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