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Create performant, viral brand videos in a few clicks.
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Flashfeed is an AI tool designed to simplify and optimize the process of creating compelling video advertisements. It allows brands, creatives and marketing teams to generate high-performing video ad scripts and storyboards in just a few clicks.

The technology behind Flashfeed is trained on a wide array of top-performing advertisements and employs this intelligence to turn any provided message into a captivating video that is designed for optimum viewer engagement.

Users can input any video for the tool to use as inspiration, after which it writes a unique video script or concept tailored to their brand. The tool also handles the logistics of video production, providing a clear project timeline and tasklists, essentially working as a comprehensive pre-production planner on autopilot.

With features like AI concept writer and AI script writer, users can save significant time spent on proposals and drafts. Also, aiding the feedback process is the Flashfeed Score, allowing users to easily rate and iterate their video ideas.

The tool further provides integration with existing content from platforms such as Meta Ads Library, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. However, as of the current status, Flashfeed can only provide detailed descriptions and timings for the video script and storyboard, and doesn't generate video files.


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Flashfeed was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates video ad scripts
Creates storyboards
Allows user-provided video inspiration
Tailored video script generation
Provides video production logistics
Clear project timeline provided
Tasklists for video production
Saves time on proposals
Flashfeed Score for feedback
Integration with multiple platforms
Browses top ads for inspiration
Optimizes content for engagement
Single-click ad creation
Detailed descriptions for videos
Specific timing for storyboards
Automated pre-production planning
Brand tailored script creation
Generates shareable workspaces
Can write viral ads
Understands given video content
Researches target audience
Generates high-performing ideas
Shows hand-picked video ads
Produces videos at scale
Facilitates quick video iteration
Browse video ads freely
Automatic timelines for production
Instant proposal generation
Production-ready workspace creation
Generates detailed tasklists
Converts videos into templates
Expertly tailored to brand
Optimized to target audience
Easy feedback loop with score
Provides platform for collabs


Doesn't generate video files
No video concept listed
No script listed
Limited pre-set style keywords
Feedback limited to Flashfeed Score
Lacks a collaborative feature
Cannot directly pay creators
Doesn't provide video understanding
Limited integration with media platforms
Does not use SORA


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