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Automates team tasks, answers queries, and sends reminders.
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Homie is an AI-based project management tool designed to automate and streamline software development processes for development teams. By integrating with GitHub, the tool can learn about projects through Pull Requests, thus gaining a contextual understanding of various tasks.

The Slack integration allows homie to seamlessly blend with existing communication channels. Users can ask questions and receive insights about potential bugs, project procedures, or individual contributions to a project.

Homie can also summarize Slack threads, generate summaries for Pull Requests, and collect lists of merged PRs, making it easier to monitor changes and growth.

The tool grows in tandem with your project, becoming more effective as it learns and adapts to your team's work style and project nuances. Homie also offers various tiered packages tailored to support different team sizes and requirements.

From small projects requiring just a few PRs a week to larger organizations pushing hundreds of PRs a month, homie fosters improved collaboration, productivity, and overall well-being of developers and managers.

It also provides security assurances, and plans to introduce a variety of features like milestone analysis, custom reminders, message reports, and API access.


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Homie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


GitHub and Slack integration
Contextual understanding of tasks
Generates PR summaries
Summarizes Slack threads
Collates list of merged PRs
Scaleable with project
Improves collaboration and productivity
Tailored packages for different teams
Security assurances
Milestone analysis (coming soon)
Custom reminders (upcoming)
Slack message reports (upcoming)
API access (planned)
Automates task and answers queries
Suitable for small to large projects
Quick setup
Trello and Asana integration (planned)
Learning from Notion (planned)
Features for multi-team organizations
Ability to generate report PDFs


Limited integration capabilities
No Trello, Asana integration yet
No milestone analysis
No API access
Custom reminders coming soon
Requires heavy project group
Limited PRs in low tiers
Costly for large teams
Lack of future feature details
Limited learning sources


What is Homie?
How does Homie integrate with GitHub?
Can Homie provide insights about potential bugs?
How does Homie help in summarizing Slack threads?
Can Homie generate summaries for Pull Requests?
How does Homie grow with my project?
What are the different tiered packages offered by Homie?
What security assurances does Homie provide?
What new features is Homie planning to introduce?
How does Homie assist development teams?
How does Homie learn about projects from Pull Requests?
What are the communication tools integrated with Homie?
Can Homie collect lists of merged PRs?
How does Homie improve productivity?
Does Homie offer a free tier?
What is Milestone Analysis in Homie?
What custom reminders does Homie offer?
Can I access Homie's API?
Does Homie provide stats about PR & contributor?
Can Homie be integrated with Trello or Asana?

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