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Enhanced online audio mastering platform.
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Maastr is an intelligent online audio mastering platform that aims to revolutionize the audio mastering process. Utilizing an AI-powered mastering engine developed by industry experts, Maastr can automatically enhance tracks and deliver professionally elevated audio within minutes.

With its user-friendly interface, this platform provides the necessary tools for refining mixes regardless of genre or style.The platform offers a streamlined creative process, allowing users to focus on their artistic endeavors rather than spend tedious hours fine-tuning mixes.

Maastr enables easy collaboration and feedback collection, allowing clients and collaborators to provide comprehensive mix notes and pinpoint the exact sections they would like to change.Maastr simplifies iteration by storing every revision of tracks in one place, ensuring easy access, playback, and comparison.

This caters to perfectionists who strive for the best possible result. Moreover, Maastr is designed to meet the needs of both sound engineers and musicians.

For sound engineers, the platform streamlines processes, improves communication with musicians, and creates beautiful mixes with efficiency. Musicians can benefit from professional-quality mastering without the need for costly and time-consuming hiring processes.With Maastr, users can upload their audio files, let the AI-powered engine work its magic, and quickly obtain a mastered edition.

Playback, editing, and refinement are made easy, and every iteration can be stored for convenient comparison. Maastr aims to provide accessible and transformative audio mastering, making world-class quality achievable for all.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlined creative process
Enhances tracks automatically
Professionally elevated audio
User-friendly interface
Supports variety of genres
Easy collaboration and feedback
Storage of track revisions
Efficient for sound engineers
Quality mastering for musicians
Eliminates hiring process
Quick mastering process
Easy playback and editing
Accessible world-class mastering
Centralized communication platform
Built by industry experts
Transformative editing tools
Refines mixes efficiently
Free-flowing creative process
Individual mix notes feature
Caters to perfectionists
Satisfies various user needs
Supports real-time refinement
Easy track export
Versions comparisons convenient
Automated process, human touch
Impressive results
On demand availability


Platform dependent mastering results
Limited music genres
No offline version
No manual adjustments
No multi-language support
Subscription-based pricing
Limited file formats
No user community”, “No live support


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How does Maastr make the iteration process easier for users?
What benefits does Maastr offer to sound engineers?
How does Maastr benefit musicians?
What process should I follow to get a mastered edition of my track using Maastr?
How does Maastr ensure easy editing and refinement of mastered tracks?
Can I store every iteration of my track for comparison on Maastr?
Does Maastr offer professional-quality mastering?
How does Maastr transform the audio mastering process?
Can Maastr really deliver world-class mastering in minutes?
What kind of notes can be added using Maastr's collaboration feature and how accurate they can be?
Does Maastr cater to both sound engineers and musicians?
What are the features of Maastr that streamline the creative process?
Is Maastr a cost-effective solution for audio mastering?
Is Maastr's platform user-friendly for non-technical users?
Can I export my mastered tracks from Maastr easily?


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