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Efficient data analytics for software development teams.
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AI-powered data analytics for teams building software is a tool designed to help teams quickly answer questions about their data. This tool features an AI assistant to help with queries and searches, a blazing-fast editor that learns from every query entered, and the ability to collaborate directly in the code.

It also integrates with popular databases, such as SQL, to provide an efficient and comprehensive data analysis solution. This tool is designed to provide teams with a way to quickly query, visualize, and share their data.

It is a powerful, user-friendly tool that helps teams to move fast, answer questions, and gain insights into their data quickly and accurately.


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Sep 4, 2023
Mason is no longer available and is closed now after lot of struggle.

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Pros and Cons


Efficient data analytics
Aids in quick queries
Fast learning editor
Direct code collaboration
Integration with popular databases
Quick visualization
Data sharing capabilities
User-friendly tool
Allows to gain insights quickly
Answering questions faster
Organization-wide searchable knowledge
Accelerates development pace
Collaboration within code
Wide database compatibility
Facilitates rapid query execution


Limited beta availability
Possible learning curve
No standalone mobile application
Unclear pricing structure
Single database integration


What is Mason SQL coding?
How does Mason assist software development teams with data analytics?
What are the key features of Mason AI?
How does the AI assistant in Mason help with queries and searches?
Can I collaborate directly in the code using Mason?
Does Mason integrate with popular databases?
Which databases is Mason compatible with?
How can Mason help to quickly query, visualize and share team data?
What makes Mason a user-friendly tool?
How is Mason a faster way to write SQL?
Are there any limitations in the Mason beta version?
How do I gain access to Mason?
What can Mason's blazing-fast editor do?
How does Mason aid in gaining insight into team data?
How does Mason work with SQL?
Can Mason search the knowledge of an entire organization?
How does Mason learn from every query?
Can you explain the process of direct collaboration in the code with Mason?
How much does Mason cost?
Is there a career opportunity with the Mason team?


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