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Generate interactive presentations in seconds.
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Mentimeter's AI MentiBuilder is an AI-powered presentation maker designed to facilitate quick and convenient creation of interactive and engaging presentations.

It allows users to generate drafts of presentations almost instantly by simply adding a prompt. The tool offers full customization options, enabling users to adjust and refine the AI-produced presentation drafts to suit their specific needs.

AI MentiBuilder is built to serve a wide array of group interactions, including business meetings, workshops, lectures, surveys, and fun quizzes. It is designed to significantly reduce preparation time, allowing the users to spend more time for their content delivery instead of creating the presentation.

Furthermore, AI MentiBuilder supports and enhances audience engagement by allowing the creation of anonymous interactive slides that encourage participation.

Despite its ease-of-use, the AI MentiBuilder assures high-quality presentations following Mentimeter's best practices. Users may also use the tool's interactive features to foster consistent engagement.


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Pros and Cons


Instant presentation drafts
Full customization options
Serves various group interactions
Significant reduction in preparation time
Supports audience engagement
Anonymous interactive slide creation
High-quality presentations
Promotes consistent engagement
For meetings, workshops, lectures
Facilitates surveys, fun quizzes
Drafts produced from prompts
Time-saving tool
Ensures best practices
Facilitates participation
Easy to use
Works for any group interaction
Full flexibility to change details
Helps in presentation rehearsal
Trains in engagement practices
Interactive slides for engagement
Saves preparation time
Consumer testimonial available
Perfect tool for if you're in hurry
User friendly interface
Reduces intimidation of blank page
Drafts ready in seconds
Promotes confident participation
Reduces workshop preparation time
Offers insight on slide design
Simple prompt needed to start
Provides startup fundamentals


Requires Javascript
No described offline functionality
Limited to interactive presentations
Requires prompt for generation
Potential privacy issues with anonymous slides
Customization could be time-consuming
No mention of multiple language support
No explicit collaboration features mentioned
Assumes familiarity with 'best practices'


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