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Document editor with suggestions and inline videos.
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Napkin AI is a doc editor that helps users create engaging documents with visual aids and storytelling elements. Its AI features enable users to add icons, drawings, charts, and diagrams to their content easily, without the need for design skills.

It also provides visual suggestions based on context and facilitates collaboration by allowing easy sharing of created documents. The tool offers a unique feature where users can record short videos inline with their content, enabling easy storytelling and presentation of ideas.

The videos are automatically animated, making them more engaging without the need for further editing. The editing process itself is also simplified, allowing users to remove unnecessary filler words and noises with ease.Napkin AI is marketed as a visual copilot, indicating that it works as a supportive tool for users to bring their ideas to life.

Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. Overall, Napkin AI is a recommended tool for anyone looking to improve the engagement and visual appeal of their documents, presentation, or storytelling.


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Pros and Cons


Document editor with visuals
Context-based icon suggestions
Automatic chart creation
Easy collaboration and sharing
Inline video recording
Automated video animation
Airbrushes unnecessary filler words
Intuitive user interface
No design skills required
DIY document design
Expressive drawing tools
Enhances storytelling in documents
Editing video as text
Image to text conversion
Easy document distribution


Limited to 60 seconds videos
Automated video animations
Potentially excessive context-based suggestions
No specific design skills customization
Unclear video editing capabilities
Unknown compatibility with other software
Lacks advanced text editing features
No mentioned offline functionality
Unclear data privacy


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