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Generated private code for businesses.
Generated by ChatGPT

ObfusCat is a code privacy-preserving tool designed to be used with AI code generation. The app enables the utilization of the cutting-edge AI capabilities of ChatGPT while also providing an added layer of security and confidentiality for the code.

With ObfusCat, proprietary code secrets and sensitive data are not disclosed to ChatGPT, ensuring that the code remains secure both in transit and at rest.

The app features a Secret List function that allows users to specify keywords and phrases that will be automatically replaced before sending requests to the OpenAI API.

Once the response is received, ObfusCat restores the original text for seamless code integration into the project. ObfusCat offers many use cases, including automated tests, bug fixing, and code explanation.

The app's integration with ChatGPT can help identify the root cause of perplexing bugs and provide suggestions for resolving them. Furthermore, ObfusCat offers clear and concise explanations of complicated proprietary algorithms, helping developers gain a deeper understanding, and enabling them to make informed decisions during development.ObfusCat for Business offers tailored features, such as a Curated Secret List, Focused Prompts, and Custom Additions, to ensure that confidential business information remains secure.

Overall, ObfusCat is a useful tool for developers looking for an extra layer of protection and confidentiality when working with code and ChatGPT algorithms.


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Pros and Cons


Preserves code privacy
Security for code in transit
Security for code at rest
Automatically replaces sensitive keywords
Restores original text seamlessly
Can help identify bugs
Provides code explanation
Custom for businesses
Curated Secret List feature
Focused Prompts feature
Custom Additions as needed
Obfuscation done locally
Automates test writing
Improves development process efficiency
Minimizes downtime
Improves code quality
Explains proprietary algorithms
Helps make informed decisions
Supports confidentiality in development
Trade secret protection
Intellectual property protection
MacOS compatibility
Enhances productivity
Personalized security features
For proprietary code secrets
Offers clear concise explanations
Prevents potential leaks
Customizes response to code-related inquiries


Only for macOS
No Android version
No Windows version
No Linux version
Dependent on ChatGPT
Only available in English
Focused primarily on code-related inquiries
Limited keyword replacement
Manual addition to Secret List


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What does ObfusCat do?
How does ObfusCat protect my code?
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How does ObfusCat integrate with ChatGPT?
What are the uses cases for ObfusCat?
How can ObfusCat help me with automated tests?
How does ObfusCat assist in bug fixing?
Can ObfusCat explain complicated proprietary algorithms?
What does ObfusCat for Business offer?
What is a curated secret list in ObfusCat for Business?
What does ObfusCat mean by 'focused prompts'?
Can ObfusCat integrate custom additions?
Is ObfusCat available for macOS?
How can I subscribe for updates on ObfusCat?
How does ObfusCat maintain the confidentiality and security of my code?
Does ObfusCat support automated test writing?
How can ObfusCat help to improve code quality?
When does the obfuscation of code happen in ObfusCat?
What do I do if I need a specific feature on ObfusCat?


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