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Experience the power of realistic AI voices that can effortlessly read aloud webpages, EPUBs, PDFs.
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OmniReader is an AI-powered text-to-speech Chrome extension that uses realistic AI voices to read aloud webpages, EPUBs, and PDFs. Ideal for anyone looking to transform written text into spoken words, this extension adds a unique auditory dimension to the online browsing experience.

The key features of OmniReader include automatic web content selection and reading, customizable reading experiences, and the ability to upload and read PDFs and EPUBs.

With a user-friendly interface, users can select specific text portions to be read aloud, choose an element on a webpage, or right-click for immediate audio playback.

Additionally, the extension provides a settings section for customizing reading parameters and controlling skip-reading options to avoid unnecessary sections.

One distinctive feature of OmniReader is its offering of a multilingual reading experience. Users can easily translate paragraphs into various languages with synchronized bilingual voices.


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Pros and Cons


Reads webpages, EPUBs, PDFs
Automatic web content selection
User-friendly interface
Customizable reading experiences
Ability to upload PDFs
Multilingual reading experience
Bilingual voice capabilities
Customizable reading parameters
Can skip unnecessary sections
Customized reading initiation
Chrome extension
Web browsing aid
EPUB reader
PDF reader
Settings for quick access
Offers in-app purchases
Auto-pick web content


Doesn't work with Google Play Books
Requires manual upload for PDFs and EPUBs
Specific text selection needed for reading
Settings adjustment required for skip-reading
Only available as a Chrome extension
Lacks multi-platform support
Collects personally identifiable information
Handles user activity details
Weak customer review scores


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