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Create trust with AI-powered digital identity.
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Onfido is an AI-based digital identity solution that enables businesses to authenticate their customers online and build trust during the onboarding process.

The Onfido Real Identity Platform offers a flexible, end-to-end identity verification procedure to create seamless user experiences. It consists of various components including document, biometric and data verification, along with fraud detection.

The platform assists businesses to automate onboarding, helping to drive growth and manage costs. The tool also works to prevent fraud, protecting both the business and its customers.

'Onfido Studio' offers the ability to orchestrate different verifications and signals into manageable workflows, while 'Onfido Atlas' harnesses AI for quick, fair, and accurate results.

Moreover, the tool provides a regulation-compliant solution designed to alleviate complex KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. Onfido offers use-cases in industries like financial services, gaming, healthcare, retail, and transportation, aiding in fraud prevention and seamless, automated onboarding.

It also assists in the verification of customer's legal age.


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Pros and Cons


Flexible identity verification
End-to-end identity verification
Document, biometric and data verification
Fraud detection
Automated onboarding
Onfido Studio for manageable workflows
Onfido Atlas for accurate results
Regulation-compliance for KYC processes
Use-cases across multiple industries
Assists in age verification
Solutions for customer acquisition
Solutions for global compliance
Solutions for fraud prevention
Driver registration verification
User onboarding automation
Detailed documentation for developers
Available in multiple languages
Optimized for various sectors
SDK for exceptional capture experience
Library of verifications and fraud signals
Supports various document types
Out of the box compliance solutions
Positive user reviews
ETSI-certified identity verification
Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) integration
OTP integration for eIDAS-compliant onboarding
Award-winning document and biometric verifications
Onfido Atlas for Automated KYC compliance
Smart Capture SDK for exceptional user experience
One-time Password (OTP) integration
Can be used for customer acquisition cost reduction


Lacks customization options
Potential for false positives
Reliability on document condition
No transparent pricing
Doesn't support all languages
Limited in supported industries
Dependent on reliable internet
Limited API documentation
No detailed error reporting


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