Persona generation 2023-09-22
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Creating and monetizing your digital identities.
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Soopra is an AI-based tool specifically designed to foster the creation, management, and monetization of digital identities. At its core, it uses what it calls a 'Personality Engine', an AI model trained on personal user data to simulate the individual's personality.

This AI persona can be created, controlled and utilized to cater to both professional and personal needs. In the context of education, Soopra can facilitate an educator's ability to digitally meet student needs, providing a scalable solution to enhance student learning and promote instant availability.

For influencers, this tool can generate personalized interactions, enabling deeper connections with fans while giving full control over digital content rights.

Additionally, Soopra supports AI-interactive voice and text journaling, which can serve as a record of personal history, thoughts, and experiences. Furthermore, Soopra encourages ownership and control, offering users the ability to decide when and how their AI personas interact, and providing opportunities to monetize their digital identities.

The tool promotes responsible AI innovation, preservation of privacy, and champions user ownership.


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Pros and Cons


Personality Engine
Simulates individual's personality
Digital Identity creation
Digital Identity management
Data monetization
Education tech
Personalized digital interactions
Influencer tool
Full control over content
Voice and text interactions
Provides user control
Digital identity monetization
Preserves privacy
Promotes user ownership
Enhances student learning
Promotes instant availability
Scalable solution
Deeper connections with fans


Limited to digital identities
Focused on personal data
Lacks broad application range
Unclear privacy safeguards
Potential misuse of personas
Dependency on user input
Potential controversial monetization
Lacks transparent working mechanism
No evident collaborative features
Undefined content copyright handling

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