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Collaborative video editing with enhanced features.
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Ssemble is an online collaborative video editor that offers a range of tools and plugins for easy video creation. With Ssemble's simple video editor, users can trim, split, rotate, zoom in/out, adjust speed, and apply transition effects and VFX to their video clips.

The editor also supports features like looping and adjusting clip speed. Additionally, Ssemble provides several AI-powered plugins to enhance video editing capabilities.

These plugins include Background Remover, which allows users to easily remove the background from their videos with just one click. The Voice Creator plugin enables users to type their desired text and automatically generate natural-sounding dubbing.

Cloud Storage integration allows users to import photos and videos with a single click, making the process more convenient. Ssemble also offers Epidemic Sound, a collection of royalty-free music for video projects.

This provides users with a seamless way to enhance their videos with high-quality music. One notable feature of Ssemble is its ability to allow users to quickly share and get feedback on their video projects without the need for long encoding processes.

Overall, Ssemble is a user-friendly online video editor that provides a range of useful features and AI plugins to empower users in creating impressive and professional-looking videos.


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Pros and Cons


Online collaborative video editor
Easy video creation
Range of editing tools
Looping and speed adjustment
One-click background remover
Automatic natural-sounding dubbing
Cloud Storage integration
Epidemic Sound for royalty-free music
Quick sharing and feedback
User-friendly interface
Supports overlay videos
Features subtitle generator
Allows adding watermarks
Integrated YouTube Downloader
Video rotating functionality
Keyboard shortcut support
Video trimming and cutting
Zoom in/out functionality
Transition effects and VFX
Provides video tutorials
Seamless audio to video addition
Fast video project preview
Add text to video capability
Photo to video integration
No encoding process required


No offline access
No mobile app
Potential latency due to cloud-based structure
Limited to English interface
No clear information on user data security
Fee for advanced features


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