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AI moderated interviews
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's start your Sprinterview interview.
Sample prompts:
Interview for the Customer Support role
Interview for the SDR role
Interview for the Full Stack Engineer role
Interview for the Data Analyst role
Interview for the Product Manager role
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Ami, also known as Sprinterview, is a GPT designed to streamline the interview process. Engineered by, this tool serves as an AI moderator for interviews.

It utilizes the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT to create a unique, automated interview experience. Ami initiates the conversation with a welcome message, then takes it forward using prompts related to different job titles.

It appears to have the ability to simulate interviews for roles like Customer Support, Full Stack Engineer, Data Analyst, and Product Manager among others.

It aims to allocate roles and bring structure to the interview process, ensuring relevant queries are assembled and presented crisply for each distinct role.

It is critical to note that the usage of Ami does require a ChatGPT Plus subscription. This implies that the utility of this GPT extends beyond the base model of ChatGPT and enhances it to suit the requirements of a structured interview process.

This makes Ami a viable choice for organizations seeking to automate their initial screening processes to save time and maintain consistency. The use of such a GPT can potentially bring a great deal of efficiency to the recruiting pipeline, particularly when dealing with a high volume of applicants.


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