Codebase q&a 2023-10-19
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ByJames Donovan
Understanding Code GPT rules made easy.
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Sample prompts:
How do I take custodianship of a language?
How does Code GPT work?
What bots currently exist?
I'm new. How do I get involved?
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Code GPT GPT, developed by James Donovan, is a specialized tool designed to enhance understanding of the Code GPT repository's rules. Described as 'So meta', this tool fundamentally works upon ChatGPT and aids users by answering their questions about the Code GPT repository - a feature facilitated by its dedicated prompts.

Users might seek answers to questions such as 'How do I take custodianship of a language?', 'How does Code GPT work?', 'What bots currently exist?', or 'I'm new.

How do I get involved?'. Code GPT GPT works as a sort of interactive guide to enhance utilization and engagement with the Code GPT repository. By answering these prompts, users are able to better understand how to use the Code GPT, a tool aimed to facilitate interactions concerning coding.

It is noteworthy that to use Code GPT GPT, one must have access to ChatGPT Plus. Code GPT GPT thus serves a helpful function for those engaging with the Code GPT repository, guiding them and providing answers to key questions and confusions, hence enhancing their experience and efficiency in utilizing the Code GPT repository.


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