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Specialist in Feng Shui and Bazi, offering insights and advice.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! I'm here to assist you with Feng Shui and Bazi insights.
Sample prompts:
What does my Bazi chart say about my career?
How can I improve my home's Feng Shui for better health?
What does my birth date reveal in Bazi astrology?
Can you suggest Feng Shui tips for a harmonious office?
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Feng Shui Ba Zi is a GPT that specializes in providing insights and advice on Feng Shui and Bazi - two significant branches of Chinese metaphysics. This tool leverages the power of ChatGPT to provide helpful Feng Shui tips and Bazi insights to users seeking guidance or information on these areas.

With this GPT, users can inquire about career progression as seen from their Bazi charts or request ways to improve the Feng Shui of their home or office space for better health and harmony.

The interactive nature of this GPT makes it easy to operate, with users prompted to ask questions such as \'What does my Bazi chart say about my career?' or \'How can I improve my home's Feng Shui for better health?'.

Recommended for anyone seeking help in understanding and implementing Feng Shui or Bazi principles in various areas of their lives, this tool is an efficient, accessible way to have some of your pressing questions on these topics answered.


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