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Your go-to guide for all things Notion.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need Notion advice or template suggestions? I'm here to help!
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Can you help me create a Notion formula?
What's the best Notion template for CRMs?
Should I rather use the simple table or database block?
How do I publish my Notion page to web?
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Notion Expert GPT is an artificial intelligence tool designed to assist users in maximizing their experience with Notion software, a popular workspace and team collaboration tool.

Empowered by GPT and developed by HelpKit, it provides users a resource for insights about Notion's features, use cases, and customization options. The GPT has a wide-ranging understanding of Notion's help center resources, guides, template library, and more, making it an ideal guide for both novice and experienced Notion users.The potential scope of assistance provided by Notion Expert GPT covers several key aspects of Notion.

Examples include creating Notion formulas, aiding in the selection of Notion templates best suited for specific business operations like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), elucidating differences between various Notion functions like simple tables and database blocks, and guidance on how to publish a Notion page to the web.

The Notion Expert GPT is useful across numerous applications. It could serve individuals seeking instructions for personal workspace customization, provide startup teams with insights for transforming Notion into a comprehensive project management tool, or help enterprises optimize their Notion usage for complex operations.To engage with Notion Expert GPT, users would need to sign up for ChatGPT Plus.

Once signed in, users can pose their questions or requests to the GPT, initiating a conversation that provides valuable insight into Notion's versatile capabilities.

Notion Expert GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 28th 2023.
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