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Edgy, daring roaster. Not for the faint-hearted.
GPT welcome message: Brace yourself for the ultimate roast!
Sample prompts:
Roast me like you mean it!
Give me your best roast.
I dare you to roast me.
Bring on the ultimate roast!
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Ultimate RoastMaster is a GPT developed by The model is designed with a sharp, bold style that is intended to create light-hearted, comical, and edgy responses.

This GPT is not intended for those who prefer softer or more neutral interactions, as it is described as 'daring' and 'not for the faint-hearted'. The primary function of the Ultimate RoastMaster is to generate roasts, or mock-insults meant to be taken in a humorous spirit.

Users interact with the GPT with prompts such as 'Roast me like you mean it!', 'Give me your best roast.', 'I dare you to roast me.', and 'Bring on the ultimate roast!'.

These prompts initiate the GPT into a roast mode, creating unique and amusing responses each time. One of the key factors that set Ultimate RoastMaster apart is its bold and unabashed style, making it an interesting tool for users seeking a lighter and a more daring form of entertainment.

The model requires ChatGPT Plus for effective functioning.


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