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The AI Carousel Generator is a tool that enables users to generate LinkedIn carousels automatically using AI technology. The platform is currently in beta and is only accessible to invited users.

The tool provides users with different options to customize their carousels including carousel topic, prompt, call-to-action, number of pages, and tone of voice.

Users can also modify carousel pages by clicking on text to edit, selecting text to apply styles, replacing images, and taking screenshots. Additionally, the tool offers features like copying and pasting icons, changing the background image, and converting the carousel into PDF format.

The tool's website also provides tips for users to optimize their AI-generated carousels and a feedback form for users to submit feedback. The tool addresses one of the challenges of converting HTML to PDF and offers an easy way to obtain high-quality screenshots that can be converted into PDFs.

However, the website does not provide information on how the AI technology works or how it selects the tone of voice or prompts. Overall, the AI Carousel Generator can significantly reduce the time needed to create LinkedIn carousels while allowing users to personalize the carousel's content.

It has the potential to be a useful tool for marketers, social media managers, and individuals who regularly create LinkedIn carousels.


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Pros and Cons


Generates LinkedIn carousels
High customization options
Editable text
Customizable carousel pages
Text styling options
Replaceable image options
Screenshot feature
Has copy and paste icons
Background image alteration
Converts carousels to PDF
Tips for optimizing carousels
Feedback submission available
Targeted for LinkedIn posts
Multiple tone of voice options
Carousel prompt customization
Beta testers' exclusive access
Customizable calls-to-action
Determines carousel page numbers
Can reduce carousel creation time
Potential marketing tool
Converts high-quality screenshots to PDF
Specifically catered to LinkedIn users


Invite-only accessibility
Limited customization options
Lack of cover page generator
Difficult conversion to PDF
No mobile support indicated
No insights on data privacy
No direct tool user-support
Unreliable HTML to PDF conversion
Limited tone of voice options


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What does 'tone of voice' mean on the AI Carousel Generator?
How do I change the background image on my carousel?
How can I convert my carousel into a PDF on the AI Carousel Generator?
How does the AI Carousel Generator select the tone of voice for the carousel?
Why is the AI Carousel Generator only accessible to invited users?
How is the AI Carousel Generator helpful for marketers?
What options do I have for the prompt on the AI Carousel Generator?
How can I provide feedback on the AI Carousel Generator?
Is there a way to generate a cover page for my carousel with this tool?
What does 'converting HTML to PDF is notoriously difficult and unreliable' mean?
How do I apply styles to the text in my carousel?
Can I replace images in the carousel with the AI Carousel Generator?
How does the AI Carousel Generator address issues with converting HTML to PDF?


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