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Automation of media content processing.
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Cognitive Mill™ is a cognitive computing cloud platform that is specifically designed for the Media and Entertainment industry. It leverages complex algorithms to process movies, sports, shows, TV channels, user-generated content, and more with a human-like level of comprehension.

Cognitive Mill™ helps automate content editing and post-production, media quality control, compliance, piracy checks, meta enrichment, scene indexing, and more.

It utilizes technologies such as Probabilistic AI, Machine Perception, Cognitive Neurodynamics, and Brain-Inspired Computer Vision. It also offers ready-to-go API integration for great loads, as well as a convenient user-facing tool.

Cognitive Mill™ is designed to scale across growing number of industry use cases, and can process hundreds of hours of media daily. It can help broadcasters and TV channels to deliver processed content to various channels in seconds, as well as help media producers and sports leagues reduce the manual work and automate their operations.

Telecoms can leverage AI-based automation for extended OTT experience. Cognitive Mill™ has partnered with Tedial for UEFA.


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CognitiveMill was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Specific Media and Entertainment focus
Complex algorithm utilization
Automated content editing
Post-production automation
Media quality control
Compliance checks
Piracy checks
Meta enrichment capability
Scene indexing
Machine Perception implementation
Cognitive Neurodynamics utilization
Brain-Inspired Computer Vision technology
API integration for loads
User-friendly tool
Scalable solution
Processes hundreds of media hours
Immediate content delivery
Operations automation for producers
Extended OTT experience
Automated movie trailer generation
Skip intro/outro automation
Celebrity listing automation
Nudity filtering feature
Video ad detection
Context-aware video ad insertion
Logo detection feature
Sports highlight generation
eSports highlight generation
Automated video clipping
Video summarization
Social network media adaptation
Condensed news video generation
End credits/openings detection
Moving graphics detection
Automated video cropping
Automated sorted celebrity recognition
Content-aware nudity filtering
Video clipping automation
No third-party data required
Proprietary technology use
Scalable intelligence
Viewer engagement boost
Pure knowledge retrieval
Reliable cloud infrastructure
Time saving
Cost saving
Unique professional services
Automated live events processing
User retention rate increase


Limited to media industry
Overly complex algorithms
Dependent on cloud platform
Expected heavy loads
No third-party integration
Requires human-like comprehension
Weak on object context
Limited types of video
Scalability constraints


What is CognitiveMill?
How does CognitiveMill automate content editing and post-production?
What technologies does CognitiveMill utilize for media processing?
How does CognitiveMill help with media quality control and compliance?
How can CognitiveMill help detect and prevent piracy?
What features does CognitiveMill offer for metadata enrichment and scene indexing?
Can CognitiveMill be used for mass media processing, like processing hundreds of hours of media daily?
How can CognitiveMill aid broadcasters in delivering processed content quickly?
How does CognitiveMill assist media producers and sports leagues in reducing manual work?
How can telecom companies benefit from using CognitiveMill?
What is CognitiveMill's partnership with Tedial for UEFA about?
What OTT solutions does CognitiveMill offer?
How does CognitiveMill's AI-based celebrity listing automation work?
What exactly does the CognitiveMill's nudity filtering feature offer?
How can CognitiveMill help automate the generation of movie trailers?
Can CognitiveMill detect and replace video ads automatically?
What solutions does CognitiveMill offer for sports content processing?
How does CognitiveMill create automated video clips with AI?
How does CognitiveMill's AI interact with social networks for vertical media adaptation?
What are some of the products offered by CognitiveMill?

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