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Your real-time AI-powered conversation copilot.
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ConversAItions is a real-time AI powered tool designed to assist with daily conversations in both personal and professional settings. It uses advanced models, such as GPT-4, to enhance communication and increase effectiveness.

This tool offers several features, including prompting questions, fact-checking information in real-time, and taking notes, thus allowing users to fully focus on their conversations.

Its AI-powered prompts help users conduct more efficient meetings and achieve their objectives quicker. The conversational AI is not limited to a specific profession or industry, but instead, it's built for a wide range of individuals and teams in various sizes, from startups to enterprises.

It becomes particularly useful for those in sales, investing, marketing, engineering, and other sectors, as it can help stay on track during conversations, verify information instantly, and document important points of discussion, making it a comprehensive support system for business communication.


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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 based conversation assistance
Real-time fact-checking
Enhanced communication efficiency
Accelerated meetings & objectives
Industries & Professions agnostic
Suitable for varied team sizes
Integrated prompting questions
Immediate information verification
Detailed documentation of discussions
Support system for business communication
Personal and professional usage
Helps users stay focused
Targeted to a broad audience
Functional utility in varied sectors
Tailored for individual and team use


Limited to English
Lacks emotion detection
Potential privacy concerns
No offline usage
No customizable prompts
Might misinterpret complex sentences
Context understanding can vary
Unsure reliability of fact-checking


What is ConversAItions?
How does ConversAItions use GPT-4?
How does ConversAItions assist in daily conversations?
What are the main features of ConversAItions?
How does ConversAItions assist in conducting efficient meetings?
How does ConversAItions fact-check information in real-time?
How does the note-taking feature of ConversAItions work?
Who can use ConversAItions?
How can sales professionals benefit from using ConversAItions?
How is ConversAItions useful for those in marketing?
Can ConversAItions be used in engineering departments?
How does ConversAItions help in achieving conversation objectives quicker?
What sizes of teams can ConversAItions accommodate?
How does ConversAItions assist during conversations?
How can ConversAItions be integrated into my daily professional interactions?
How quickly can ConversAItions verify information during a conversation?
Can ConversAItions be used in personal settings as well?
Does ConversAItions require special skills or training to use?
How does ConversAItions document important points of discussions?
What makes ConversAItions a comprehensive support tool for business communication?

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