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Copyright Check AI is an Artificial Intelligence-driven tool designed to help businesses reduce the risk of costly copyright violations related to the use of music on social media.

The tool offers an audit service to uncover potential copyright violations on businesses' social media profiles, including those associated with influencer collaborations.

Leveraging in-house proprietary AI software, Copyright Check AI identifies violations and generates a detailed report highlighting the high-risk areas that require attention.

This report is presented in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format to facilitate easy navigation. In addition to the audit service, Copyright Check AI also offers ongoing monitoring to track new violations and collabs that might increase the potential legal risk businesses face.

Across various social media platforms, any brand, regardless of its size or sector, may find themselves infringing music copyrights in their social posts, ads, or collaborations with influencers.

This service aims to identify these violations, remove the risk associated with legal action, and educate brands about copyright laws within social media content.


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Copyright Check AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Audit service for violations
Detailed copyright violation report
Spreadsheet report format
Ongoing monitoring service
Influencer collaboration monitoring
Reduce legal risks
Educational on copyright laws
Historical profile check
Regional brand check
Automated risk alerts
Influencer risk assessment
Weekly risk alerts
Monthly reports
Guidance for legal music use
Advice for future collabs
Profiles and influencer campaigns monitoring
Service works across all social platforms
Used by top brands
Potential cost of lawsuit revealed
Providing peace of mind
In-depth influencer music check
Proactive risk mitigation
Streamlined content approval process
Robust influencer checks


Limited to music copyright
Restricted to social media
Data presented as spreadsheet
No automated mitigation
No multi-language support
Limited influencer tracking
Pricing is unclear
Lack of API integration
No real-time updates


How does Copyright Check AI identify copyright violations in my social media content?
What platforms does Copyright Check AI monitor for potential copyright infringements?
Does Copyright Check AI only work for music copyright or can it detect other types of copyright too?
What type of businesses can use Copyright Check AI?
How is the report generated by Copyright Check AI presented?
What happens after Copyright Check AI identifies potential copyright violations in my social content?
Does Copyright Check AI only offer a one-time audit or do they provide ongoing monitoring services?
Can Copyright Check AI help with reducing the misuse of copyrighted music in our influencer collaborations?
How does Copyright Check AI help in educating my brand about the copyright laws related to social media content?
How can I access the audit services offered by Copyright Check AI?
Can Copyright Check AI prevent my brand from potential legal risks due to copyright violations?
What is the Regional Brand Check service offered by Copyright Check AI?
How does the Influencer Check service by Copyright Check AI work?
Does Copyright Check AI offer its services for brands of all sizes?
How do I get a free audit on Copyright Check AI?
What does the detailed report of risks provided by Copyright Check AI include?
How much does a typical service package of Copyright Check AI costs?
What guidance does Copyright Check AI provide for using music legally in my machinations?
How different is Copyright Check AI from manual copyright checks?
What is the timeline for an audit conducted by Copyright Check AI?

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