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CreateLogo is an AI-powered tool designed to generate logos. The tool creates high-quality, unique designs in a matter of seconds, providing flexibility and scalability to cater to a broad range of business needs.

It requires no design skills from the user, making it accessible even for users with no prior design experience. The tool outputs uncompressed PNGs, while also offering customizable vector SVG logo outputs for select models, which can be edited in any design tool of choice, thus increasing its adaptability.

An extensive gallery showcasing different models like 'Modern Abstract', 'Multi-purpose HD', 'Modern Letter', and 'Luxury Golden' suggests the versatility and the wide spectrum of styles available to users.

Users gain full rights to all produced logos. CreateLogo operates on a 'pay as you go' model, offering users the convenience to buy credits and generate logos as and when they need them, starting with five free credits.

The cost per logo varies depending on the model used and the number of credits purchased.


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May 9, 2024
It's AI Clipart, if it were free they would still be overcharging.

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CreateLogo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


High-quality logo designs
Unique logo designs
Quick logo creation
No design skills needed
Scalable designs
Flexible design outputs
Different style options
Pay as you go model
Accessible for beginners
Uncompressed PNG outputs
Customizable vector SVG outputs
Editable in any design tool
User owns full rights
Five free credits to start
Varied cost per logo
Broad range of business applicability
Adapts to varying business needs
Extensive style gallery
Multiple style model options


Pay-as-you-go model
Variable logo cost
Only uncompressed PNG output
Limited SVG customization
Prioritizes select models
No subscriptions
Not fully scalable
Cost depends on model
Credits required for use
Limited free credits


What is CreateLogo?
How does CreateLogo work?
Do I need design skills to use CreateLogo?
What output formats does CreateLogo support?
What are some logo style options offered by CreateLogo?
Can I edit logos created by CreateLogo?
Do I get full rights for logos created with CreateLogo?
How does CreateLogo's 'pay as you go' model work?
Can CreateLogo provide vector SVG logo outputs?
Are there any initial free credits offered by CreateLogo?
Does CreateLogo guarantee high-quality logos?
What does 'scalable design' mean in the context of CreateLogo?
Is CreateLogo suitable for business needs?
Is there a gallery showcasing CreateLogo's work?
Can the cost per logo vary on CreateLogo?
How quickly can CreateLogo generate a logo?
What makes CreateLogo different from other AI logo generators?
Does CreateLogo offer a 'Modern Abstract' logo design model?
Is CreateLogo user-friendly for beginners with no design experience?
Can we customize the logos generated by CreateLogo?

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