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Make decision faster with Crit Design, your designer co-pilot.
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Crit Design is an AI-powered browser extension that serves as a valuable design co-pilot, meant to optimize and enhance the design decision-making process.

Creating a smooth workflow for professionals, it revolutionizes design work by integrating artificial intelligence to facilitate quick review, improvisation suggestions, analysis, and alt text creation.

The crux of Crit Design relies on the capabilities of GPT4 Vision model to analyze images, web pages, and texts. The AI is employed to meticulously assess the details and provide relevant insights based on the uploaded images or screenshots.

As a notable tool in the UX research domain, it aids users in anticipating competitor user personas, enhancing accessibility through alt text generation, SEO improvement, A/B testing text creation, and competitor analysis.

In comparison with ChatGPT Plus, Crit Design condenses multiple steps into a simple three-step process: taking screenshots via the extension, asking the AI, and receiving a precise analysis in seconds.

Indeed, this tool presents an efficient and fast solution for designers, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly.


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Crit Design was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Browser extension
Optimizes design process
Quick review capability
Improvisation suggestions
In-depth analysis
Alt text generation
Uses GPT4 Vision model
Webpage analysis
Image analysis
Text analysis
Competitor analysis
Anticipates competitor personas
Improves accessibility
Enhances SEO
Creates A/B testing text
Condenses workflow steps
Fast response time
Screenshots via extension
Suitable for UX research
Self-upload image option
Streamlines design workflow
Cost-effective pricing plans
14 days free trial
Easy cancellation
Paste image URL
Full-screen capture


Browser extension only
Reliant on GPT4 model
No mobile app
Requires image upload
Three-step process
Single user targeting
No multi-language support
Subscription based pricing
No lifetime deal
No free version


What are the key features of Crit Design?
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What makes Crit Design different from ChatGPT Plus?
What is A/B testing text creation feature of Crit Design?
How does Crit Design help in competitor analysis?
What's the meaning of 'alt text generation' in Crit Design?
Who can benefit using Crit Design?
Is Crit Design only available as a browser extension?
How does Crit Design speed up the design decision-making process?
Can Crit Design provide design improvisation suggestions?
What does it mean that Crit Design can enhance accessibility?
Can I use Crit Design to capture screens?
How does Crit Design aid in UX research?
Is Crit Design able to analyze entire webpages?
What detail does the AI in Crit Design assess?
Is there a free trial for Crit Design?
What are the available subscription plans for Crit Design?

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