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Revolutionize your research with AI-conversational surveys.
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Engage collects user and customer insights with dynamic AI driven conversations, transforming market research, social science studies, public health, and polling. It supports both conversational text and speech interaction modes.

Traditional surveys often miss the depth of respondents’ opinions, leading to low engagement and superficial insights. Engage overcomes these issues with AI-powered conversational surveys and adaptive follow-up questions, capturing nuanced data and providing deeper insights through advanced transcript extraction techniques.

Additionally, Engage allows you to survey your own audiences or access a variety of online participant platforms, including CloudResearch Connect. With built-in features to detect fraudulent users and ensure participant quality, Engage offers unmatched reliability. This flexibility and advanced technology make Engage a powerful tool for both qualitative and quantitative research.

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Engage by CloudResearch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 23rd 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Dynamic survey-to-conversation interaction
Enhances data collection
Incorporates adaptive follow-up questions
Deeper understanding of respondents
Provides comprehensive insights with automatic theme extraction
Unveils subtle insights
Quality and integrity assurance
Inattention and fraud detection
Voice and speech interaction modes
Respondent burnout elimination
Enhances traditional data quality measures
Seamless integration with Connect participant panel and others
Streamlined ecosystem
Easy study setup
Options for interview style, open-ended and multiple choice questions
Pleasant user experience
Linking qualitative and quantitative research
Automated yet interactive design
Capable of mixed methods research
Multi-language capability
Enables global communication
CSV export of data and insights


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Requires a login
Requires initial setup
Limited question types


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Does Engage have multi-language capabilities for surveys?
What measures does Engage take for data quality and integrity?
How does Engage prevent participant burnout in surveys?
Can Engage integrate with other platforms for a streamlined ecosystem?
How easy is it to setup a study on Engage?
What question types can be used in Engage?
Can Engage adapt dynamically to participant responses?
What is Engage's approach to enhance traditional data quality measures?
What makes Engage more interactive and engaging compared to other survey tools?
How does Engage utilize AI for improved market research outcomes?
Can Engage handle open-ended and multiple choice questions in surveys?

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