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Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our AI-driven therapists.
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Heartfelt Services is an AI based therapeutic service which leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate personal growth and self-discovery. The tool provides round-the-clock listening, personalised advice, and a safe platform for users to express themselves openly.

They have various AI-driven therapists such as Joy, Paul, and Serene, each with a unique approach which users can choose to resonate with their needs.

Users can engage with these AI therapists to navigate life's challenges, with the goal of fostering effective self-exploration and healing. All interactions with the service are encrypted and securely stored, highlighting its commitment to privacy and confidentiality.

The service operates via 'Connection Tokens', a currency that powers interactions between users and the AI therapists, promoting meaningful conversations.

The tool is designed to be both immersive and user-friendly, with a straightforward sign-up process, allowing users to embark on their therapeutic journey quickly.


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Apr 10, 2024
Finally get to talk about my addiction
Mar 17, 2024
the future is now and it is here!
Mar 15, 2024
I am very impressed by this tool. Groundbreaking stuff!
Mar 15, 2024
I am experienced in parts work and have spent deep time getting to know my parts in therapy. All that groundwork comes to fruition here. Paul guides me and askes really good questions. I can take my time and always have insights. Paul has got better at signing off, and his responses are really authentic and clearly focussed. A genuine parts app, better than others I've tried, including from the IFS community itself.
Mar 14, 2024
Very helpful. I highly recommend!
Mar 13, 2024
Excellent AI therapy service! Accessible, intuitive, and supportive, it's a great tool for anyone looking to improve their mental health. Highly recommend - 5 stars!
Mar 13, 2024
Hats off to the creators of this app! It greatly helped my life and helped me have a huge shift. I did parts work and it was very adaptive and intuitive. I cannot recommend this app enough. I tell everyone I know about it. I know this app will help soo many people. Give it a go and see for yourself.
Mar 12, 2024
Great tool and I don’t think there are any better ones yet. Very impressive so far.

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Pros and Cons


24/7 availability
Unique therapist approaches
Facilitates self-exploration
Personalised advice
Data encryption
Secure storage
Confidential platform
User-friendly design
Quick sign-up process
Connected interactions via tokens
Personal growth facilitation
Emotional support provided
Private counselling
Immersive user experience
Customized therapy
Adaptability of app
Encourages deep self-discovery
Suitable for beginners to therapists
Lovely user testimonies
Therapy with a spiritual grounding
Free instant signup
Varied ranges of therapy
Unique features per therapist
Interactive therapy sessions
Acceptance and understanding environment
Flexibility in choosing therapist
Enhanced privacy measures
Accessible conversational data
Data kept for 30 days
Dedicated workstation for maintenance
Complimentary tokens for beginners
Fair currency system


Uses 'Connection Tokens' currency
Interaction limited by tokens
Limited therapist variety
No human therapist option
No multi-language support
Broad-based advice not specialized
No offline mode
Limited to text interactions
Unspecified data retention policies


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What services can I expect from Heartfelt Services?
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What are the operating hours of Heartfelt Services?
Are there any restrictions on what I can discuss with the AI therapists?
How does Heartfelt Services facilitate personal growth and self-discovery?
How user-friendly is the interface of Heartfelt Services?
Do I get to choose my own AI therapist in Heartfelt Services?
What makes Heartfelt Services different from other AI therapeutic services?
How does Heartfelt Services use AI in their therapeutic services?
Who is Heartfelt Services intended for?
Are there any costs associated with using Heartfelt Services?
How personalized is the advice I get from Heartfelt Services?
Can I switch between AI therapists in Heartfelt Services?
What's the purpose of the 'Connection Tokens' in Heartfelt Services?

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