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AI scriptwriter and voiceover artist for your next video.
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Kveeky is an AI-powered tool specifically designed to cater to the needs of scriptwriting and voiceovers for videos. It provides services that can aid businesses, websites, and blogs to create high-quality scripts and voiceovers with ease.

The tool comes with a wide library boasting over 120 text-to-speech voices and supports 20+ languages which users can customize to suit their needs. Kveeky has a feature that allows users to collaborate directly with their team, providing an avenue for better communication and efficiency.

Users can also pre-listen to their creations before finalizing them, offering an avenue for making necessary adjustments for maximum impact. Regarding utilization, users enter their prompts, generate voice, choose their preferred voice and can also download and use the voice in their projects.

The tool enables users to generate voices in minutes, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. Kveeky also allows users to share the link for audio/video output, enhance workspace collaboration, and utilize AI voice changer.

In addition to these features, the tool provides commercial usage rights and a wide range of licensed soundtracks for users.


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Pros and Cons


120 text-to-speech voices
Supports 20+ languages
Customizable voice options
Collaboration feature for team
Preview before finalizing
Accessible voice downloading
Quick voice generation
Shareable content links
Commercial usage rights
Licensed soundtracks available
Wide variety voices
Effortless voiceover customization
Precision storytelling
Helps save hours
No downloads required
1 hour voice generation
1 hour transcription
Share link for output
Up to 3 users
Unlimited downloads on premium
Access to all voices
All languages and accents
5 hours of voice generation per user/month
3 hours of transcription per user/month
Collaborative Workspace
8000+ licensed soundtracks
Unlimited Team Members
Unlimited Voice generation, Transcription & Storage
Training & Onboarding support
Multi-level Access Control
Advanced Collaboration
Single sign-on (SSO)
High Priority Support


Limited team collaboration
Restricted voice customisation
Limited languages
Restricted commercial rights
Limited soundtracks
No offline use
No API for integration
Limited to scriptwriting, voiceovers
Expensive pricing tiers
No single sign-on


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How can the Kveeky tool save time and boost my productivity?
Can I share the link for my audio/video output from Kveeky?
What is the AI voice changer on Kveeky?
Does Kveeky provide any commercial usage rights?
What sort of licensed soundtracks does Kveeky offer?
How does the script writing feature of Kveeky work?
How can I choose my perfect voice in Kveeky?
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What commercial usage rights does Kveeky provide?
Does Kveeky offer multilingual support?

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