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Create stylish & consistent vector illustrations in seconds.
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Paint Potion is an AI-powered design tool specialized in the creation of vector illustrations. Users provide a prompt and the application leverages AI to output four unique yet stylistically consistent vector graphics.

The design process is divided into three key steps: generation, variation, and exportation. In the generation phase, the AI tool is prompted to produce four unique designs.

For the variation phase, users can refine their design by regenerating the remaining three illustrations to achieve their ideal result. In the exportation stage, users select the illustration that best fits their needs and export it instantly in SVG or PNG formats.

Paint Potion offers a versatile design experience, providing a simple and speedy solution for web agencies and individual creative professionals. Furthermore, it goes beyond visuals, it's capable of converting these illustrations into a scalable vector graphics (SVG) file, something not all AI-based design tools offer.

Finally, all images generated belong entirely to the user, thereby allowing unrestricted usage in both personal and commercial contexts.


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Pros and Cons


Generates 4 unique designs
User-guided design variations
Instant export in SVG/PNG
Multiple stylistically consistent outputs
Tailored for web agencies
Helpful for individual creatives
Converts illustrations to SVG
Original graphics ownership
Unrestricted usage rights
Supports personal and commercial use
Design generation in seconds
Payment options suited to usage
Lifetime pay-per-use account


Limited export formats
Cannot generate singular vectors
Designs not permanently saved
Credits system may confuse
IP concerns not addressed
Pre-sale uncertainty
No reported integration capabilities
Strict design process stages
Limited stylistic options
Depends on prompt precision


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