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PolyDub is an AI-powered platform designed to help content teams globalize their videos and podcasts. The primary function of the tool is to provide content translation and dubbing services.

It accomplishes this via advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques which allow the software to mimic the original speaker's voice, thus providing consistent tone and inflection, even in translated dubs.

Users can submit their own translations or have them verified by professionals, ensuring conversational accuracy in addition to technical correctness.

The platform supports multiple languages, ensuring wide-reaching application and accessibility. Some of the supported languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Chinese and Portuguese among others.

It provides support for subtitle download to enhance video accessibility for diverse audiences. The platform can also automatically voice podcasts, hence adding another layer of convenience for content creators.

The process for using PolyDub is straight-forward: upload the video or audio content that needs dubbing, select the desired language and other options, then download the dubbed content once the process is complete.

The platform is utilised by a variety of organisations, from enterprises looking to make their content globally accessible to small and mid-sized businesses aiming to reach international audiences.

It's also used by online learning organisations to deliver courses in multiple languages. The technology is versatile and offers quick turnaround, making it a cost-effective solution compared to traditional content localisation methods.


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Pros and Cons


Multi-language support
Mimics original speaker's voice
Professional translation verification
Subtitle download support
Automatic podcast voicing
Simple three-step process
Wide business application
Cost-effective solution
Fast turnaround
Content globalisation
Custom translation submission
Tone and inflection consistency
Video and podcast localisation
Supports diverse content types
Convenient for content creators
High-quality voice mimic
Accessibility for visually impaired
Language selection options
Downloadable dubbed content
Preserve original voice in dubs


Limited language support
Dependence on professionals for translations
Lack of details on security
No information about pricing
No live translation feature
Doesn't support all video formats
No real-time collaboration support
No mention of offline capabilities
Unspecified download times
No mobile app available


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