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TTSVox is a free, web-based text to speech tool that provides an opportunity to convert text into high-quality voiceover. It utilizes advanced speech synthesis technology for high degree of accuracy, generating lifelike, natural sounding audio.

Designed to enhance accessibility, TTSVox is a valuable resource for individuals with visual impairments, reading difficulties and those who prefer an audio format.

The tool supports multiple languages, extending its reach globally and offering an option to tailor the voice output to diverse user needs. Users can customise the voice tone, accent and gender to create engaging audio content.

TTSVox is ideal for various sectors, including education and professional field, and it allows transforming written content, including e-learning courses and articles, into narrations or commentaries.

It could be used to upgrade IVR systems for better customer service experiences or to turn text into engaging voice-powered content. Furthermore, the platform offers continuous access to its services without any hidden costs or need for software installations.

The simplicity of its user interface enhances efficiency in converting the text into speech.


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Jul 4, 2024
Mean ai service with only 5000 words free do not use I'm unsatisfied
Jun 8, 2024
Easy to use but no accent support for Singapore English

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Pros and Cons


Free use
Web-based access
High-quality voiceover
Advanced speech synthesis
Lifelike audio
Enhances accessibility
Ideal for visually impaired
Support for reading difficulties
Audio format preference
Supports multiple languages
Voice output customization
Tone customization
Accent customization
Gender voice options
Ideal for education sector
Ideal for professional field
Transforms e-learning courses
Turns articles into commentaries
Can upgrade IVR systems
No hidden costs
No software installations needed
Simplified user interface
Converts text instantly
YouTube video translator
High quality, natural audio
Perfect for educational, professional use
Voice speed control
Voice Volume control
No need for downloads
Creates diverse, engaging content
Reliable TTS
Promotes better comprehension
Multi-language TTS
Enhances customer service in IVR
Unlimited access to conversion
Detailed voice selection
Generates realistic text speech
Supports various global languages
No expensive hardware or software needed
Flexible voice selection
User-friendly interface
Efficient and cost-effective
Perfect for global audiences
Practical for multitasking users
Saves on production costs
Broadens content consumption methods


No offline version
No API mentioned
Lack of advanced settings
Only web-based
No voice clone yet
Limited voice selection options
No integration capabilities mentioned
No proprietary voices
Dependent on internet connectivity
Lack customization for voice speed


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