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Automatically record and summarize your team's Zoom calls with Vibely.
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Vibely is an AI-powered tool designed to integrate with Google Calendar and automatically record Zoom calls for individuals and teams. Its features are devised to make the management and utilization of these meetings more efficient.

When using Vibely, not only the recording of the Zoom calls can be automated, but the software also provides a consolidated space where every team's calls are logged and summarized, enabling easier collaboration and sharing, and facilitating learning from past calls.

Vibely extends its capabilities beyond just recording by offering AI-driven insights and search functionality. It allows users to ask questions about their calls and get responses based on intelligence garnered from past conversations.

The tool also leverages its AI technology to identify action items from calls, enabling users to set up custom automations. While providing a reasonably cost-effective solution compared to other tools in the market, all these features come together to make Vibely a strong support system for managing team communication efficiently and effectively.


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Vibely was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Google Calendar integration
Automatic Zoom call recording
Team call logs consolidation
Zoom calls summarization
Easier team collaboration
Easier sharing
Facilitates learning from calls
Smart search functionality
Interactive Q&A about calls
Action items identification
Custom automations setup
Cost-effective solution
One-stop solution for calls
Supports team communication efficiency
$19/month per recording user
Affordable additional hour billing
Integrated meeting summary
E-learning support


Limited to Google Calendar
Limited to Zoom calls
Additional hours chargeable
Requires recording user subscription
Limited recording hours per month
Relies on user-defined automations
No mention of encryption/security
No multi-platform support indicated
Reliant on past calls for insights


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