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Record meetings on your phone for accurate summaries and key insights.
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Summie serves as a mobile meeting assistant, designed to record meetings and provide accurate summaries, key highlights and action points. The app functions effectively across diverse settings and languages, with a user-friendly interface that's simple to install and can function even when the mobile screen is off.

Summie employs deep learning neural network algorithms to transcribe every detail of a meeting. It provides automated documentation of meetings, generating a precise summary and offering insightful takeaways and tasks.

Also, it offers sentiment analysis and speaker detection features which can be highly useful for review and accountability. An additional feature called 'Ask Summie' can be used for in-depth queries about recorded meetings.

Transcriptions and meeting records can be interrogated for specifics, such as details from a particular speaker or updates on project timelines. In terms of data protection, it pledges GDPR compliance and guarantees user data security by storing recordings and text within secure cloud servers in Germany, with personal identifiable information reduced to a bare minimum.

Summie provides flexible pricing plans which match the usage requirements of its users.


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Pros and Cons


Mobile meeting assistant
Records and transcribes meetings
Accurate meeting summaries
Key highlights extraction
Actionable points identification
Works across languages
User-friendly interface
Operational with screen off
Deep learning transcription
Automated meeting documentation
Insight generation
Task extraction
Sentiment analysis
Speaker detection
In-depth query feature
Selective transcription interrogation
GDPR compliant
Secure cloud server storage
Data minimization
Flexible pricing plans
Record audio in 90+ languages
Speaker sentiment and airtime analysis
Transcript with replay functionality
Ask Summie feature for recorded meetings
Summarization of specific speaker contribution
Meeting analytics in advanced plans
Support via email, chat, or call
Fast lane results for pro plans
Meeting recordings stored in Germany
Email ID and audio files only PII
Enterprise-ready privacy and security framework
On-demand, starter and pro pricing plans


Requires mobile device
Limited to 120-minute recordings
No desktop version
Transcriptions might include inaccuracies
Depends on recorded audio quality
Speaker detection not always accurate
Limited free credits
Dependent on cloud storage
Sentiment analysis could be unreliable
Queries restricted to recorded meetings


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