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Custom fashion suggestions from user images.
Generated by ChatGPT

Wardrobe AI is an AI-powered tool that uses user-uploaded images to provide personalized wardrobe recommendations. It works by allowing users to upload ten images of themselves featuring a variety of poses, facial expressions, and backgrounds, as well as configuring their color palette and wardrobe style preferences.

Using this information, Wardrobe AI’s AI-generated algorithm then creates personalized wardrobe recommendations delivered straight to the user’s inbox on a weekly basis.

Additionally, Wardrobe AI provides similar clothes in its catalog for users to purchase. All images uploaded to the platform are sent to an external training service and are then deleted, and users have the option of deleting their AI generated images at any time.


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Wardrobe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized wardrobe recommendations
User Uploads 10 images
Variety of poses accepted
Facial expressions diversity
Backgrounds variety
Color palette configuration
Wardrobe style preference
Weekly Recommendation delivery
Email based delivery
Catalog purchase
Image deletion option
External image training
Confidentiality of images
Facilitates buying recommended clothes


Requires multiple image uploads
Likely lack of privacy
External training service dependency
Limited to weekly recommendations
Limited catalogue clothing options
Inability to retain images
Limited options for customisation
Dependant on good quality images
Possibility of inaccurate suggestions
Possibility of bias in algorithm


What is Wardrobe AI?
How does Wardrobe AI work?
What kind of images do I need to upload for Wardrobe AI?
How does Wardrobe AI use my uploaded images?
Can I delete my uploaded images on Wardrobe AI?
How does Wardrobe AI protect my privacy?
What happens to my images after I upload them to Wardrobe AI?
How do I configure my preferences on Wardrobe AI?
How often does Wardrobe AI send wardrobe recommendations?
How does Wardrobe AI decide on my wardrobe recommendations?
Can I purchase the items recommended by Wardrobe AI?
Does Wardrobe AI offer similar clothes in its catalog?
Are the wardrobe recommendations from Wardrobe AI personalized or generic?
Can I alter or change the preferences on my Wardrobe AI account?
What kind of fashion styles does Wardrobe AI offer?
Do I have to pay to use Wardrobe AI?
What are the benefits of becoming a beta tester for Wardrobe AI?
How accurate is Wardrobe AI in understanding my style preferences?
What information does Wardrobe AI need to provide personalized recommendations?
Can I use Wardrobe AI if I have specific fashion needs or challenges?

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