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Convert whiteboard diagrams into live polls
Generated by ChatGPT

Whiteboard to Polls is an AI tool designed to convert whiteboard diagrams into interactive online polls. This tool leverages artificial intelligence to create polls in a matter of seconds.

Users simply need to write, draw or upload an image onto the whiteboard platform, then click 'create poll'. The AI will then analyze and convert the inputs into a viable poll format.

It is important to note that this tool is meant to be viewed and operated on a desktop for the best user experience. However, it also presumes dual user roles, which can either be a teacher or student.

Thus suggesting its potential use in a variety of scenarios including educational settings and business meetings, among others. This tool paves a linear, simplified route from creating diagrams and visual aids to transforming these into live, engageable polls, enhancing interactions and understanding.


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Whiteboard to Polls was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Converts diagrams into polls
Quick poll creation
Intuitive user interface
Dual user roles
Suitable for educational settings
Suitable for business meetings
Enhances interactions and understanding
Live polling feature
Allows image uploads
Desktop optimized
Online collaboration support
Content transformation capability
Potential for distance learning


Desktop only
No mobile adaptation
Dual roles confusing
Doesn't support collaborative inputs
Unspecified polling limitations
Limited to diagram interpretation
No image quality enhancement
Potential misunderstandings with handwriting
No option for anonymous polls
Requires clear, legible writing


How does Whiteboard to Polls work?
How quickly can Whiteboard to Polls create a poll?
Do I need to have drawing skills to use Whiteboard to Polls?
Can I upload an image onto the whiteboard in Whiteboard to Polls?
What types of input does Whiteboard to Polls accept?
Is Whiteboard to Polls a desktop application?
Can I use Whiteboard to Polls on mobile devices?
What is the best way to view and operate Whiteboard to Polls?
Is Whiteboard to Polls only for teachers or can students use it too?
Can Whiteboard to Polls be used in business meetings?
Are there any specific scenarios where Whiteboard to Polls would be particularly beneficial?
How does Whiteboard to Polls enhance interactions in an educational or business context?
What kind of polls can I create using Whiteboard to Polls?
Does Whiteboard to Polls support live polling?
How does Whiteboard to Polls help in distance learning?
Can I collaborate with others online using Whiteboard to Polls?
How does Whiteboard to Polls handle data conversion?
What kind of user experience can I expect from Whiteboard to Polls?
Can I modify my polls once they're created on Whiteboard to Polls?
Can I save my previous polls on Whiteboard to Polls?

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