Relationship advice 2023-07-20
World's first AI-powered relationship coach and mentor.
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Yodi is the world's first AI-powered relationship coaching tool developed by PAIRS. Providing evidence-based exercises designed to enhance relationships, it is a technologically innovative approach to relationship skills training.

Yodi draws on teachings from pioneers in psychology, therapy, and counseling to offer comprehensive instruction in communication, conflict resolution, and emotional connection skills - competencies critical to fostering and maintaining successful relationships.

The tool is adaptable and caters to individual learning preferences, allowing users to engage with the material independently or alongside a partner. Yodi is renowned for practicality and ease of use, offering techniques rooted in psychiatry, humanistic psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, couples counseling, and education.

It equips users with skills that deliver immediate benefits and foster long-term wellbeing. The learning process is self-paced, guided by time-tested knowledge developed by field experts like Drs.

Virginia Satir, Daniel Casriel, George Bach, and Lori Heyman Gordon. User confidentiality is prioritized, ensuring a safe, private learning environment.

In essence, Yodi offers its users a comprehensive, flexible, and secure platform for learning relationship skills, delivered at their own pace and in their own space.


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Mar 20, 2024
Fascinating AI implementation. Good to see AI used for such good. Congratulations.

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Pros and Cons


First relationship coaching tool
Adaptable to learning preferences
Self-paced learning
Skills for immediate benefits
Long-term wellbeing benefits
Experts guided knowledge
User confidentiality ensured
Tool for solo or partnered use
Rooted in psychiatry and psychology
Employes cognitive behavioral therapy
Couples counseling techniques applied
Educational relationship skills
Evidence-based exercises provided
Covered in leading pioneers' teachings
Relationship skills training
Technologically innovative approach
Practically easy to use
Combines psychology, therapy, counseling
Proven effective in relationship improvement
Available on iOS and Android
Multiple modes of learning
Engaging teaching techniques
Accessible and easy navigation
Guided by industry leaders
Content from veterans in therapy
Detailed for intimate communication
Tools for conflict resolution
Lessons for emotional connectivity
Privacy and confidentiality prioritized
Flexible self-paced learning
Timely alert for regular learning
Trusted experts derived knowledge
Useful for immediate relationship troubleshooting
Lessons for long-term relationship health
Customizable learning journey
Promotes self-awareness and self-esteem
Help in overcoming relationship distance
Communication training for differences
Helps in developing negotiation skills
Direct and effective resource tracking
Enabled to handle difficult topics
Safe and valued communication
Years of refined user-experience
Habit forming effective exercises
Consistently updated learning methods
Free to use
Efficient self-help tool
Enhanced usability and navigation
Documented positive user testimonials
Available globally
Professional ethical standards upheld


Limited interpersonal feedback
No live therapist interaction
Potentially less effective solo
Dependent on user's honesty
Not suitable for severe issues
No group therapy option
Reliance on user's understanding
Evidence-based but not personalized
Only practicality emphasized
Private but no anonymity


What is Yodi?
How can Yodi help improve my relationship?
What type of exercises does Yodi offer?
What is the background of the tools and knowledge used in Yodi?
Can I use Yodi alone or do I need a partner?
Could you provide more details about the confidentiality of Yodi?
How does the self-paced learning function work in Yodi?
Which experts' teachings have guided the development of Yodi?
Can Yodi be utilized as a couples counseling tool?
What type of relationship skills does Yodi teach?
Does Yodi also focus on fostering emotional connection skills?
How practical and user-friendly is the Yodi tool?
Is Yodi more targeted towards long-term wellbeing or immediate benefits?
Can Yodi be accessed on all device types?
Does Yodi offer assessments to measure relationship growth?
Who has developed Yodi and what is their experience in relationship skills training?
Does Yodi's methodology draw on any specific psychological approaches?
Can Yodi assist with conflict resolution in relationships?
What does 'adaptable' mean in terms of Yodi's uses?
Is Yodi free or do we need to make any purchases?

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