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ByCarlos Santana Vega
Analyze deep learning with YouTube content.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ask me anything about Deep Learning as explained by DotCSV.
Sample prompts:
¿Qué opina DotCSV sobre el futuro del trabajo?
Resume el vídeo "Pasado, presente y futuro de la IA"
¿Cuál es la importancia de AlphaFold?
¿Cómo funciona una red neuronal convolucional?
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DeepCSV is a GPT designed to facilitate deep learning queries based on the content of the DotCSV Youtube channel. Created by Carlos Santana Vega, DeepCSV serves as an interactive interface for the digital audience to gain knowledge about deep learning from the mentioned Youtube channel.

The GPT's interface is designed to field and reply to a variety of deep learning-related inquiries, encompassing both general and specific questions. Topics DeepCSV is equipped to handle include, but are not limited to, DotCSV's views on the future of work, summarizing videos like 'The past, present, and future of AI', the significance of AlphaFold, and the workings of a Convolutional Neural Network among others.

With its welcome message 'Hello! Ask me anything about Deep Learning as explained by DotCSV', it invites users to engage in insightful exchanges about deep learning, thereby serving as an advanced learning tool which converts the content of the DotCSV Youtube channel into accessible and interactive formats.

It is important to note that usage of DeepCSV requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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DeepCSV was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2024.
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