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Paste in text, get explanations of all jargon and acronyms.
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Dejargonizer is a GPT tool designed to simplify and explain complex jargon and acronyms in given text. This tool is particularly helpful in various fields where the overuse of specialized terminology may obfuscate meaning for those without niche knowledge.

The Dejargonizer works by allowing users to paste in their chosen text. The GPT then applies its expertise to decipher and explain the jargon or acronyms contained within that text.

Consequently, this tool can provide users with a more comprehensive understanding of the given content by readily deciphering and elucidating complicated technical terms or sector-specific language.

Dejargonizer requires ChatGPT Plus permissions, which implies it operates on the ChatGPT platform. Hence, to utilize it, users need to sign up for it via the ChatGPT platform.

With functionality based around ease-of-use and detailed explanations, Dejargonizer is useful in breaking down communication barriers by removing terminological complexity, promoting clearer understanding.


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Dejargonizer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 15th 2023.
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