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Analyzes products and recommends specialists for intolerances and microbiota.
GPT welcome message: Hola, soy DigestIA. Aquí para asistirte con intolerancias y más. 📚📍☕️
Sample prompts:
¿Qué alimentos son buenos para la intolerancia al gluten?
Encuéntrame un nutricionista en Barcelona
Analiza este enlace de producto alimenticio
Información sobre la relación entre microbiota y salud digestiva
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DigestIA is a GPT focused on providing informed, specialized assistance on issues related to food intolerances and gut microbiota. It has the ability to analyze food products and recommend corresponding specialists.

Inherently multilingual, it communicates effectively on complex topics, such as dietary requirements for gluten intolerance or the relationship between gut microbiota and digestive health.

Using a collection of prompt starters, DigestIA can be directed to perform a range of tasks. For instance, its capabilities include analyzing hyperlinks to food products, giving users a deeper understanding of the potential impacts on their personal health or dietary requirements.

An additional function of DigestIA is its capacity to suggest appropriate food intolerance or gut health specialists in specific locations. This feature empowers users to seek professional consultation with ease.

The GPT's welcoming and user-friendly approach aims to provide a reliable and informative resource for those facing dietary restrictions, desiring to better understand their gut health, or seeking guidance on suitable food products.

With an emphasis on accurate and up-to-date information, DigestIA serves as an accessible and convenient tool for accessing food intolerance and gut health data.

While this GPT can offer insights and suggest specialist resources, it is designed to inform and guide users based on available data, but it's not intended to replace advice from nutrition or healthcare professionals.

It helps to fill the gap in information accessibility and provides an engaging, interactive way for users to learn more about their diet and digestive health.


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