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Your AI nutritionist for calorie counting and meal planning.
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NutriChat is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) deployed as an automated digital nutritionist. It is designed to perform various nutrition-related tasks to assist users with their dietary requirements.

Key tasks include counting calories, providing nutritional information, recommending diets, and planning meals. It is a program built on top of ChatGPT and needs an active ChatGPT Plus subscription to function.

With NutriChat, users can gain immediate virtual consultation to facilitate their culinary and dietary needs. It aims in assisting users to maintain a healthy lifestyle, aiding in tasks specifically related to diet and nutrition.

The chatbot greets its users with a welcome message in Spanish, indicating its capability to interact in multiple languages. It can handle requests for counting calories in a particular meal, delivering nutritional information of specific food items, suggesting featured diets based on user's dietary preferences or health goals, and proposing a weekly meal plan.

In essence, NutriChat is a personalized tool to help users make informed nutritional decisions. However, remember that while NutriChat can provide valuable dietary guidance, it may not replace personalized guidance from a certified nutritionist or dietician and it is recommended to be used as a supplemental tool.


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